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If you just Googled “SEO services” and ended up here, you’ve just witnessed the profound effect our affordable SEO services can have on your business (and I’m pretty good at my job). That’s why choosing the right SEO services to market your website and business is just as important as the way your website looks and functions. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can have a major positive impact on your business. It can also have a major negative impact if poorly implemented or out-dated techniques are used. It’s important to choose SEO services that will provide results.

Whether your needs are in lead generation, digital marketing, pay per click or eCommerce SEO, we can create a successful search engine marketing strategy tailored to your businesses unique needs and goals. Call or email us to book a free consultation.

Get Started With A Free SEO Audit!


So How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

That’s a tricky question without knowing any details. We are happy to sit down for a free consultation in person or by phone and get to know your business and needs better. We’ll do an audit of your website before we talk and bring some actionable information with us to get things started.


Some SEO companies will try to sell you monthly seo services and “trickle down” results over a period of time…and invoices. We tackle our SEO upfront and we don’t hold back results for the sake of a monthly cheque. If there are gains to be made, we will identify them, prioritize them and give you a price…that’s how we roll.


What’s Included With Our SEO Services:

  • Overall website health. Identifying and fixing any issues that might be affecting your SEO.
  • Menu structure. Ensuring your content is easily accessible and inter-linking opportunities are utilized.
  • Backlink audit. Check the health of your current backlinks and identify any quality backlinks that are worth trying to obtain.
  • Keyword check. Making sure you are trying to rank for the most relevant and attainable keywords. We’ll put together a keyword strategy for your business.
  • Current rankings. We’ll get a baseline reading of your current ranking status and see where your strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Title, alt and meta optimization. We’ll make sure your titles, alt  and meta tags are optimized for your keywords.
  • Competitive analysis. We’ll identify and analyze your competition and identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Social media integration. Social signals provide strong SEO benefits and should be utilized. We’ll also set up your Google+ Business account and optimize you for the map pack.
  • Roadmap to SEO success. Once we’re done taking a look at everything, we’ll put together a costed SEO strategy that fits your business and goals.


What Happens if We Stop Using Your SEO Services?

Nothing. We’ll miss you, but our memory will live on every time you see your website on page one! Some SEO companies will add you to PBN networks or use other methods to rank you that will disappear when they do. We only use white-hat SEO techniques and any rankings you get from us will stay with you. This is the benefit of investing in good content over riskier ventures.


Local SEO Services vs Overseas SEO

This should be a no-brainer…don’t do it. Sure they’re super-cheap and can fill the gap quick if you are starved for content. I’ve had to fix several sites for clients after they spent time and money getting overseas content that needs to be checked and rewritten. It’s easy to write content that’s just for search engines, but human users will leave your site once they try to read your content. If users get a page full of broken English and poorly structured content, they won’t know what to do with it and will bounce. Any rankings that you gain from the freshly optimized content will disappear over time once Google sees that users aren’t staying on the page. You get what you pay for.


Do Google Ads Really Work?

Yes and no. Google Ads are Google’s cash cow. They’re in the business of collecting clicks which make them money and NOT about providing quality results. Google’s parameters for placing their ads in front of users are very loose. How many times have you gotten an ad that wasn’t exactly what you are looking for?…ironically, right below the ads are exactly what you are looking for! Google doesn’t make as much money if you stop clicking after the first ad. I don’t even want to get into the fact that other businesses routinely click competitor’s ads to try to bleed their ad budget. Google Ads can be beneficial to your business  or marketing campaign, but you really need to research and test your ads otherwise you will be wasting your money. We can help with that (the good ads part, not the wasting your money part).


The Road to SEO Success Starts Here!

We use several tools and good old detective work to thoroughly assess your business, website, keywords, competition and linkable assets to plan an effective SEO strategy for your small business, ecommerce or internet marketing campaigns. We provide a complete, printable website audit report to our clients at the beginning and we can keep track of improvements over time with our monthly reports. It’s extremely important to consider:

  • Getting to know your business. We’ll analyze your core services and products, your competition and see how you are currently presenting this to the WWW. We specialize in small business SEO services!
  • Your keywords. What words and phrases are your ideal clients using to find you, your services or businesses like yours when they search the web?
  • Your website’s health. Site health is very important in SEO. Search engines need to be able to easily crawl your website without hitting broken links, missing pages or poorly implemented SSL upgrades. We provide a full site health report in our assessment so you know exactly what needs to be corrected.
  • Site structure. Are you taking advantage of page URLs, page titles, H tags and other keyword placement opportunities? Is your site easy to navigate? Are your pages focussed and not cannibalizing each other with duplicate content issues?
  • Competitive analysis. The best keyword choices are only good if there is a chance that you can rank for them. This is where SEO software can give you an edge and save a lot of time. Some brands and some keywords…you will never beat. You need to know your approximate chances of success before you spend a lot of money and time focussing your efforts.
  • Backlinks backlinks backlinks! Researching quality link building opportunities is important. Google weighs the quantity and quality of your links quite heavily (way back to the original page-rank algorithm) when it analyzes your site. Quality is key here…you need to research each potential link. Buying links from Fivr will really hurt your rankings.


An Effective SEO Strategy Backed By Data

Once we analyze everything, we put together your roadmap and get cracking upon your approval. We’ll provide detailed reports along the way so you can monitor your progress.

  • Website architecture – We’ll provide a detailed report on your site’s health. We’ll ensure your site’s navigation makes sense and is efficient and correct any health issues in the report according to importance.
  • Content strategy – We’ll ensure your content marketing strategy supports your SEO objectives by drawing on linkable assets, content structure and relationships from our initial assessment. We’ll analyze your top keywords and see where the gains lie and provide a detailed report to back up our recommendations.
  • Google Webmaster Tools – Set up the main channel of communication between Google and your website. Then we can easily detect any known issues and correct problems directly with Google. They’re free tools and provide a lot of valuable insight into how people find and engage with your website.
  • SEO-friendly marketing policies – We’ll proactively point out areas where you can contribute to your SEO by adjusting your daily marketing activities such as social media.
  • Risk assessment & monitoring – Understanding risks is essential to maintaining your search traffic in the long term. There are certain rules which search engines want websites to respect, and you can be penalized if you break them. We’ll perform a risk assessment of the links currently pointing to your website, highlight any issues, and recommend preventative action where necessary. We also work with you to ensure your other online marketing campaigns won’t introduce any SEO related risks. We only employ Whitehat SEO techniques.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization –The big goal here is to increase your leads, calls and sales by attracting targeted traffic that will convert into potential clients…and creating clickable content will accomplish this once they land.
  • Internal & external linking –Fixing broken links and links pointing to the wrong pages. Also, we’ll implement a general on-site link strategy to establish page authority between your money pages and supporting pages.
  • Canonical link implementation – Ensures there are no ‘duplicate content’ issues within your site. Similar pages can cannibalize each other and dilute your relevance for search engines.
  • Local Maps Optimization – We’ll make sure your Google business listing has a 100% complete score by building up your website’s local signals as well as encouraging your clients to write a review on your Google places listing. This is a must for any business!


Killer Content That Converts!

All of the above would be meaningless if you can’t convince your users to convert. Your content needs to be unique, informative, clear and most of all…optimized. It’s not unusual for competitive eCommerce niches to have 2000 word product descriptions. You need to match this with your own unique content to even begin competing with them. Our killer content is 100% unique and will pass any plagiarism check.


How Do We Measure SEO Results?

With real-time reporting, we have several tools that allow us to follow the process every step of the way. Here’s what we include in our SEO services:

  • Position tracking – Ensure you always have a clear picture of what’s working, and why including traffic & ranking analysis.
  • Competitor tracking – Keep a close eye on what your competitors are up to, so you can stay a step ahead.
  • Site health tracking – Stay ahead of any potential problems with your site.


We’re Your Complete Small Business SEO Solution!

Don’t panic…it’s organic. We’ll help your website be displayed toward the top of the organic search results for the keywords most important to your specific business. We also optimize for local searches and include Google Maps and Google My Business optimization. We also offer complete eCommerce services, content writing, marketing services and web design for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We’re your WordPress and WooCommerce experts! We service clients in Barrie, Collingwood, Owen Sound and throughout Southern Ontario.


Call Us Today!

We’re an SEO and web design company based in Collingwood, Ontario and have been making the WWW a better place since 2011. We service clients from Barrie to Owen Sound and throughout Southern Ontario. Call Mark today for a free consultation at 705-888-4568.

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 2 reviews
by Body InVest on SEO Services
Thanks for all of your help!

We contacted Mark when our site was hacked, and he got us up and running fast. He noticed a lot of improvements that we could make to increase our rankings and we signed him on for SEO work and content upgrades. He did an amazing job and is a very talented writer. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. Thanks Mark!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

by Mike Brady on SEO Services
Thank you!

Mark performed a website audit and SEO services for us and just finished implementing the many corrections that were needed. We had a family friend design our website around 5 years ago and had no clue about SEO. Everything he explained to us made sense and he had some great tips on creating content that Google likes. Thanks for setting up our Google myBusiness account too! We're moving on up, thanks Mark!

Thanks for the awesome review Mike. Call me a hero when you make it above the fold.